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Amplifying the Power of Social Connection

At a time when we’re more technologically connected to each other than ever before, the need to nurture meaningful, in-person human connection is more valuable than ever. Given that, for many, the home has also become the office, the places we live have ever increasing power to become thriving, interconnected communities that foster social integration. Shared amenities play a huge role in reinventing the traditional expectations of apartment living and create an environment that encourages residents to connect with themselves, their loved ones, and their neighbours.

At the heart of our design philosophy is the understanding that social connection is essential to overall well-being and happiness. 45 Gorge, located at the corner of Gorge Road and Irma Street in Victoria, sets itself apart from other rental developments by providing amenities that not only cater to the residents' individual needs but also promote social interaction among them. The building features a picturesque space equipped with a common dining room, full kitchen, and barbeque area, providing a perfect setting for neighbours and friends to come together and share meals. Large enough to host dinner for eight, this space encourages communal dining experiences, allowing residents to break down the barriers often present in urban life. An adjacent outdoor space with ​​stunning views of the Olympic Peninsula Mountains further enhances the dining experience and serves to extend living space for special occasions.

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"At the heart of our design philosophy is the understanding that social connection is essential to overall well-being and happiness"

Within the ground floor courtyard, 45 Gorge offers a children's play area and outdoor games area that present moments of fun and interaction across all ages. A plaza off the lobby has seating areas and opportunities for planned future programming, providing a cozy place for conversation and common experiences. The building’s convenience retail on the main floor was designed with the entire community in mind. Not only serving the residents but also catering to the surrounding neighborhood will create additional connection touchpoints to foster a sense of belonging both within and beyond the building footprint.

Shared amenities encourage residents to invite their loved ones into their homes, helping to maintain strong relationships even amid busy urban life. Providing opportunities for hosting and gathering ensures the bonds of family and friendship remain strong. Rental communities have the potential to become much more than just living spaces, and this sense of belonging and interconnectedness remain at the heart of what makes a place truly special. By prioritizing social connection and offering unique shared amenities, rental communities can create a full life within one building.