It’s Time for
the New Era
of Urban Living

Today, there is a divide between the haves and the have nots – the homeowners and the renters.  Where did this perception come from? Why does it seem that one can only live their ideal life once they’ve purchased a home? As our existing rental communities age, the gap widens. Now, many can’t afford to stay in the city they love, so they give up their quality of life to move out of the urban centres in the hopes of owning a home. In the process, our urban communities are gutted of culture while people live further from their workplaces and from the lifestyle they desire.

It is time for a collective shift in perspective and priorities, without compromise. In a time for leadership, PC Urban has the vision and ambition to make a change. It’s time to show we value all citizens by concentrating our attention on creating livable rental communities that enrich our urban fabric. These are homes that everyone deserves.

The Next Generation
of Rental Communities
by PC Urban

Icon man 01
01 Smart

Our homes are designed to elevate the experiences one has in their home with a commitment to a higher level of materials, design and usability.

Icon woman 01
02 Attainable

Our communities strive to move our urban centres forward by being relevant and accessible to all those who seek to call them home.

Icon heart 01
03 Social

Thoughtful amenity spaces are designed to create meaningful interaction and lasting community connections.

Icon grow 01
04 Growing

We develop communities that are located within urban centres so people can continue to live and work in the city they love.